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Mox Classroom |Studio | Hostel Facilities

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Study Sound Engineering & Music Production -Feel Like your Home

Mox Classroom |Studio | Hostel Facilities 1

We love taking Responsibilities . We have Men’s Hostel , 3 In House Fully Equipped Studios , Music Production Room with 20 Independent Workstations Library with 200+ Books, Separate Piano & Guitar Lab , Drum Room & Mini Gym

Learn Sound Engineering with Mox Media and Feel at Home

Pure Vegetarian + Eggertiren Homely food Prepared by In-house Chef Mrs .Malathi

Education that makes Difference & Takes Responsibilities

Teaching , Teachers are Completely different from Hybrid Training and Trainers . We as a teacher make sure our student feel at home and Learn all the technology behind Sound Engineering & Music Production .We can Proudly say Mox Media Academy can not be compared with any other Training Centers that Provides Diploma in Sound Engineering & Music Production .

Our syllabus is Prepared by Team of Media Industry Professionals and Teachers with experience spanning more than 15 yrs + to transform every aspiring student in to successful Sound Engineer and Music Producer . Our Syllabus is also approved by NCVTE Panel of Expert Academicians & has also been nominated for International AES Paper Presentation for the year 2020 – 2021

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