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Celebrity & Fame – Best Music Production Course in Chennai -from 0 to hero

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Meeting Celebrities and Working With Celebrities are entirely different . Learn Music Production Course in Chennai with best possible exposure to work with industry professionals .

We Acknowledge all the pictures where taken during Recording session or intern session. We strive to give every student the best possible exposure – Click below

As a Media Person ,You need to develop social interest Social contribution .Learn Moral and Social Responsibilities during Studies at Mox “Secret ingredient to success” We at Mox Make every student understand their responsibility towards their parents , society and nation along with their technical studies , We make sure to contribute best possible Professionals .

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For us each of our student is a Celebrity We find something unique in everyone and we strive to integrate your uniqueness and tailor the teaching methodology to suit individuals .Our Traditional , Gamified and Contemporary teaching methodology helps students understand the most complex concepts very easily .Our students love this and more than 500 + students have transformed their life

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Mox Media Ranked as No :1 – Sound Engineering College in Chennai

Be it Studio Sound or Live Sound Engineering courses or Music Production courses , We have developed such advanced syllabus and Partnership with Celebrities and Technicians working in Film industry to give the best possible knowledge .

With our compulsory internship program students get opportunity to learn and  work under guidance most skilled Music and Audio Technicians in Film industry Our comprehensive Syllabus and Teaching methodology gives us all the confidence to Promise 100 % placements to our Students 

Do You want to be a Celebrity or Meet a Celebrity ?

Music Production Course in Chennai

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